An Active Life.

The Squad. We are a community. We are inclusive. We are a sanctuary. We are tough but fun.  We are guts and passion. We like to laugh. We love to train. We like what it does for our mind, not just our body. We like variety. We like to feel fit and strong. We are a stress reliever and a motivator. We are a lifestyle. 

The Squad Co. is an outdoor group training program for women only based on Sydney’s Lower North Shore founded by life-long best friends Emily Keenan and Ange Black. Our 60 minute sessions are based on HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training with a combination of cardio, strength, mobility and injury prevention.

We aim to give our clients variety - you will never do the same session twice. If you enjoy yourselves you'll find it much easier to turn training into a lifestyle rather than something you do every now and then. Longevity is critical to us. It should be something you look forward to, not something that you dread. We can adjust each session to suit all needs and work with everyone from beginners, new mums, pregnant women and elite athletes. 


Emily Keenan, Head Trainer and Co-Founder

Emily's life has been spent playing sport and training at the highest level. Sport and fitness are her greatest passions. Her netball career has taken her around the world, captaining both Australia in indoor netball and NSW in netball with the Waratahs in the Australian Netball League. After having her first baby at the end of 2016, Emily worked hard to gain her fitness back the right way, with the support of experienced Women's Health physio, Lyz Evans. As a result, Emily was chosen to be part of the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball League, joining the NSW Swifts and their high performance environment as a replacement player in 2017. She also has a background in athletics and enjoys a number of other sports. A qualified Cert III and Cert IV (first aid trained) Elite Personal Trainer with expertise in HIIT, speed, agility, power and plyometrics, Emily is not only super fit but also warm, welcoming and loves to laugh (especially at herself). Emily is also an instructor for the National NETFIT program. 


  • Cert III and Cert IV Elite Personal Trainer - Australian Fitness Network

  • First Aid/CPR

  • NETFIT (national netball program) instructor

  • Level 1 Netball Coach

  • Post Natal Ab Rehab with Women's Health Physiotherapist Dianne Edmonds (Pelvic Floor First Program)

  • Exercising for Two (pre and post natal programming) with Women's Health Physiotherapist Lisa Westlake

  • Run for Your Life (endurance conditioning) with international running coach Dr Jason Karp

  • Considerations for Functional Program Design

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sydney University

  • Bachelor of Media in writing (Journalism), Macquarie University


Angie Black, Trainer & Co-Founder

Angie has over 13 years experience in the advertising industry, having worked with global clients including Red Bull, Bonds and Qantas. Angie's passion for fitness has grown over many years and now, after having her first baby, she's on track to helping others achieve their fitness goals and happiness with The Squad Co. She knows first hand the challenges that new mums face when it comes to prioritising their own wellbeing after having a baby, and wants to inspire women to take that difficult first step of getting back in to fitness and getting their health, and their 'self', back. Angie is focusing on boxing, HIIT and post-natal strength and recovery. She is a first-aid trained Cert III and Cert IV qualified Elite Personal Trainer.


  • Cert III and Cert IV Elite Personal Trainer - Australian Fitness Network

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Exercising for Two (pre and post natal programming) with Women's Health Physiotherapist Lisa Westlake

  • Early Post Natal Programming with Women's Health Physiotherapist Dianne Edmonds

  • Insights Into Functional Training with Chuck Wolf


Bre Turnbull, Trainer


Bre grew up with a love for dance & anything creative! She has a passion to explore and travel the world but after having health troubles throughout her life, she became more aware & invested in nutrition, physical and mental health. She understands everyone is different and is all about “listening to your body”. With this interest, she is passionate about working with women to help push them to their top potential in order to create the best version of themselves. Bre is supportive, engaging and motivating and loves creating a healthy, safe and fun workout environment! 

"Sweat is good for the body, laughs & endorphins are good for the soul & mind."


  • Master Trainer at Australian Institute of Fitness

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Pre/Post natal exercise level 1

  • Pilates Instructor qualification

  • Currently studying ‘human nutrition’ at the Australian Healthy Academy


Charlie Galea, Trainer


Charlie has always loved being active, she grew up having a go at any sport on offer. She particularly enjoys athletics and has represented Australia and NSW several times in sprints and hurdles. With two young daughters, Charlie is passionate about getting outside and leading a balanced lifestyle with her family. She knows the challenges of getting out the door to exercise when life is busy, but is convinced you'll never regret a workout once those endorphins kick in! She has worked as a primary school teacher and has over 10 years experience coaching kids in various sports. Knowing the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health, she's now turning her focus towards helping women exercise. Charlie is supportive and encouraging, she gets a kick out of seeing people work hard at their goals while building friendships and having a laugh along the way!


  • Cert III and IV in Fitness and Exercise. Fitness Institute Australia.

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Level 1 coach: hockey, athletics, soccer, softball.


Photo credits: Sophie O'Donnell at Kendall Lane Collective, Sarah Keenan-Jones and SMP images.