You are absolutely able to continue training through your pregnancy just with some adjustments. Exercising through pregnancy will not only keep you feeling energised but also prepare you for labour (it will be much easier if you go in fit and strong) and help you recover and return to exercise more easily. 

Our trainers have worked closely with Women's Health Physiotherapists to get the most up to date and accurate information on pre and post natal exercise and recovery, to ensure the health of your pelvic floor, pelvis, back and abdominals, as well as the rest of your body which is also impacted during and after pregnancy. Our co founders have both had babies and experienced the recovery process and return to exercise challenges first hand. 

Each pregnant woman is different and how you train depends on your current level of fitness going in to the pregnancy. We make sure everything you do is controlled, low impact and gradual. It’s about listening to your body and doing what feels comfortable for each individual case. We can regress and adjust every session to suit the needs of both pre and post natal women. 

We will provide you with a detailed Pre and/or Post Natal Exercise Questionnaire so we have a thorough understanding of your individual case.

For our Pre Natal clients we also recommend going to see your GP or Obstetrician to discuss any concerns you have regarding continuing your exercise. And for our Post Natal women we strongly recommend you go and see a qualified Women's Health Physiotherapist to get your pelvic floor and abdominal separation checked before commencing exercise again, even if your Obstetrician has given you the ok. Returning to exercise too quickly and in the wrong way can lead to injury and long term health problems.

If you have any concerns, queries or would like further information on our pre and post natal exercise please don't hesitate to email us on